“Mustang Man” tells of fight to save America’s wild horses 8-12-2019 20:19


New documentary takes viewers into the field to discover the ecological importance of wild horses and burros as "keystone species" that restore and maintain native biodiversity, benefiting many interrelated plants and animals.

#SundaySchool: Simon Reynolds — How to prevent your horse from rushing in canter 8-12-2019 17:24

Show rider and producer Simon Reynolds gives his advice on different ways to slow down and control a horse’s power ... [Lees meer]

Rider challenges others to use horses for travel – to help boost equestrians’ profile 8-12-2019 14:01

‘It would be great to show horses still play an important part in our society’... [Lees meer]

Michael Eilberg shares his genius way of explaining the scales of training 8-12-2019 13:25

The scales of training — rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection — are the stepping stones we use to train our horses. They help us evaluate where our horses are in their education, and form the basis of how judges assess dressage tests. But progression though these scales is rarely linear, and it can […]... [Lees meer]

British endurance numbers up as fourth chairman in 12 months appointed *H&H Plus* 8-12-2019 12:05

Endurance GB (EGB) saw an increase in membership during the 2019 season, while the organisation welcomed its fourth chairman of the year.     You may also be interested in…... [Lees meer]



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