“Crisis point” for Kenyan donkeys as population wipeout predicted by 2023 16-7-2019 22:42


The demand for donkey skins from China is around 8 to 10 million skins per year but annual supply in China is less than 1.8 million.

“Crisis point” for Kenyan donkeys as population wipeou... [Lees meer]

Heading to your first stay away show? Here’s all you need to know 16-7-2019 17:24

With many breed societies holding two-day shows as well as weekend-long TREC, showjumping, eventing and dressage fixtures coming up, riders share their advice for those preparing for their first stay away show... [Lees meer]

Great Yorkshire Show sticks to its guns on rider weight despite ‘fat police’ comments 16-7-2019 16:09

‘It’s nothing to do with being fat. We want everyone to ride, but on the right horse or pony’... [Lees meer]

Call for show organisers to make flu vaccinations ‘mandatory’ as outbreaks top 200 16-7-2019 14:22

‘Alarmingly the number of outbreaks of equine influenza continues to rise and are likely to continue week-on-week for the foreseeable future’... [Lees meer]

Riding for an owner: how to find rides and make it work 16-7-2019 13:24

We lift the lid on how to find the rides, how to make the relationships with owners work, and tips to help you prosper in your search for rides and owners... [Lees meer]

‘It’s a dream come true’ — Mary-Kate Olsen wins international showjumping competition 16-7-2019 13:06

The actress-turned-fashion designer is in her first year of international competition ... [Lees meer]

Equine flu continues rise in Britain 15-7-2019 22:22


Cases in Britain hit the 200 mark, compared to only two in 2018.

Equine flu continues rise in Britain -- Horsetalk.co.nz - equine news, research, and info... [Lees meer]



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