CH de Wolden week1

19-07-2018 / 22-07-2018
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CH de Wolden week 2

26-07-2018 / 29-07-2018
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Veulenveiling Dronten

07-09-2018 / 07-09-2018
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Officials banned from “buying” their way into FEI events 16-7-2018 23:18


"Donations" in cash or in-kind or anything else not acceptable under FEI Officials Code of Conduct.

Officials banned from “buying” their way into FEI events --

Advice issued as number of horsefly bites surges 16-7-2018 19:20

The British Pest Control Association says after prolonged hot weather, infestations can develop... [Lees meer]

How to walk a showjumping course like a pro 16-7-2018 17:25

Here top showjumper Louise Pavitt, who competes up to five-star level and also has pony and junior European medals to her name, shares her advice on how to make the most of your showjumping coursewalk experience to help maximise the chances of producing the best round possible... [Lees meer]

Top British rider’s son crowned young rider European champion: British youth celebrate medals haul 16-7-2018 16:13

Team GB came back with medals galore from Fontainebleau... [Lees meer]

British rider wins Jardy Event Rider Masters with comeback horse in second 16-7-2018 14:04

Alex Bragg and Zagreb win the Event Rider Masters at Jardy in 2018. Picture by Event Rider Masters/Anna Franklin
Brits took three of the top four places in the French leg of the Event Rider Masters, while a top horse who has been on the sidelines announced his return... [Lees meer]

5 common plants that could kill your horse 16-7-2018 13:25

While many plants can be poisonous if eaten to excess, there are some poisonous plants that horses should avoid at all costs... [Lees meer]



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